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Revision of taxi, bus fares to prevent exploitation of public
September 1, 2016, 8:18 am

Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Major General Fahad Al-Shuwa’e says the decision to adjust the fares of taxis and public buses was issued after thorough study by the General Traffic Department (GTD) and Ministry of Commerce and Industry, adding the fares are relatively the least among other GCC countries, even after the amendment.

Major General Al-Shuwa’e disclosed this Wednesday at a press conference held in the presence of Director General for Public Relations and Security Media Brigadier Adel Al-Hashash and acting Director of Fatwa Department Lieutenant Colonel Adel Al-Jarki.

Al-Shuwa’e noted the intention is to regulate transport fares in a manner appropriate to the cost of operation. He explained that GTD carried out studies on all types of transport fares based on the request of many operating companies and establishments to increase the fares, stressing the fares were inconsistent with the current cost of maintaining vehicles.

He noted a joint committee was formed with Ministry of Commerce and Industry to adjust the fares to meet the current economic situation based on the companies’ request. He commended the pivotal role played by GTD in protecting citizens and expatriates, while sustaining the rights of service providers and end users.

He declared the Ministry of  Interior fixed the fares for public good and ensured the protection of all stakeholders, including citizens, expatriates, taxi drivers and transport companies. He added the step will preempt any attempt by some people to exploit the fuel hike and possible effects of the decision to create problems between the service providers and users. He urged taxi drivers to comply with the new price regime by using meters, saying concerned officials will start intensive monitoring of violations in the transport sector beginning September 1.

He warned any taxi or bus driver caught violating the new fares or meter usage will be liable to prosecution under Article 207 of traffic law, and the vehicle will be impounded for two months. In his contribution, Brigadier Al-Hashash reaffirmed the decision is a smart way of preventing exploitation of citizens and expatriates.

He explained the decision was made after a deeply considered study, which was published in detail in the media. He assured the Department of Public Relations and Security Media will embark on extensive awareness campaign via all media outfits to shed light on the decision and its objective.

He urged beneficiaries of the services among Kuwaitis and expatriates to call GTD via 25583666-777- 888- 999 for complaints whenever they feel cheated or suspect a driver is violating the decision. He reassured GTD will dispatch the nearest patrol team to intervene in such cases.

Source: Arab Times

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