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Rewards mulled for weapon reports
June 13, 2015, 10:43 am

Ministry of Interior is studying the possibility of secretly granting financial rewards ranging from KD 500 to KD 1,000 to individuals who report about those who did not surrender the unlicensed weapons in their possession, following the end of grace period on June 22nd for voluntary submission of unlicensed weapons, security sources say, says Al-Seyassah. They indicated that the top security officials have unofficially approved the proposal, as it will help securitymen and meet the concern of citizens in terms of the country’s security and stability.

Regarding the mechanism for applying the inspection plan after the grace period, the sources explained that investigation officers will be dispatched to all security checkpoints along with securitymen, police officers and Public Security officers to inspect suspicious vehicles. Female officers will be trained to inspect suspicious houses and apartments using advanced equipment and technology.

They affirmed that the ministry will take serious action against any individual who violates the law, based on instructions of Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Khalid Al-Hamad Al- Sabah to apply the law impartially on all.

The sources revealed that the General Department for Criminal Evidences is ready to take necessary measures to curb the phenomenon of possession of unlicensed weapons especially with the recent aggravation of this phenomenon in the country, adding that the country’s security and safety will be negatively and dangerously affected if such weapons fall in the hands of culprits who could use them for committing murders, burglaries and other crimes.


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