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Rights and safety of Indonesian domestic worker’s rights neglected
October 24, 2015, 5:28 pm

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Kuwait, vide a circular dated 22 October, stated: It has been more than five years since the Government of Indonesia stopped sending domestic workers to several Arab Gulf Countries, including Kuwait.

Since then the numbers of Indonesian who live in Kuwait have decreased significantly. According to the Ministry of Interior Kuwait, the total Indonesian national in Kuwait on February 2015 was 8,887 people, of whom 5,499 were domestic workers.

Most of these domestic workers enjoy good relations with their employers and are treated very well. Unfortunately, some of them are not fortunate enough to have such privilege. Some of the employers treat their Indonesian workers inhumanely. They do not pay the salaries of their workers, treat their workers badly and even torture them.

One of the victims of such abuse is Cayumi bt. Kasan who had worked for ten years, receiving only KD50 monthly which she never received from her employer nor she had ever been permitted to get her rightful vacation to see her family in Indonesia. She endured physical abuse and was tortured so badly that her left eye became defective. The Embassy and its lawyer have been trying to solve the case amicably with the employer and his family but they have not shown any good intention so far.

Another tragic case happened on the dawn of Wednesday, 21 October, 2015, when one Indonesian domestic worker passed away at the Amiri Hospital due to her illness. Warni Agnes came to the Embassy on Tuesday night, 20 October, 2015 in a very worrying condition. She was very pale and coughing blood. She told the staff at the Embassy that her employers had thrown her out of their house because she was sick.

The embassy called for an ambulance that took her to the Amiri Hospital at 21:00, she passed away five hours later. The Embassy could not get any information regarding her sponsor because she did not bring any documents with her, neither her passport nor her civil ID. Now the Embassy is working closely with the authorities to bring the irresponsible employer to justice.

The Embassy will always carry out its duty to serve and protect all Indonesian in Kuwait and will take all measures deemed necessary to ensure that Mrs. Cayumi and all other Indonesian citizens obtain their lawful rights, and work closely with relevant authorities in Kuwait.



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