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Rise in number of citizens involved in public funds fraud : report
June 1, 2015, 10:00 am

Director of Public Funds and Commercial Affairs Prosecution Tariq Yassin was recently quoted as saying cases related to public funds have increased considerably, reports a local daily. He added, the prosecution had received 79 cases in 2013 compared to 110 in 2014. Yassin told the daily, most of the accused who are involved in cases related to public funds are Kuwaitis.

He said the total number of Kuwaitis involved reached 726 in just one year. He pointed out the dud cheque cases numbered 1,218 in 2014 while for 2013 it was just 852. On the spoiled foodstuff issue or foodstuff unfit for human consumption, Yassin said the Public Prosecution investigated 1,667 cases and the number of people involved was 2,617. He stressed at the same time the reason why the suspects were released was due to lack of evidence and skepticism in the responsibility of the accused for the alleged acts.

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