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Road accidents kill 26,000 people every year - Arab security official
May 3, 2014, 8:53 am

Secretary General of the Arab Interior Ministers' Council Mohammad Kuman said Friday road accidents were claiming around 26,000 people every year and inflicting losses estimated at USD 25 billion.

Kuman, in a statement marking the Arab Traffic Week, which falls on May 4, said traffic safety should be part of lives of people because accidents were causing "human and social tragedies," which thus cause huge economic burdens on the Arab countries.

Traffic problems are on the rise, he noted, because of many factors including the growing number of vehicles on the roads. He said there were more than 400 million cars and over 100 million trucks around the world.

However, said Kuman, the human factor remained the major cause of rising number of accidents in the Arab world, or 85 percent of total accidents.

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