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Road development measures discussed
April 26, 2015, 10:17 am

Ministers of Housing Affairs, Electricity and Water, Public Works, Health and Oil agreed to find solutions for the residents of Sabah Al-Ahmad City by inaugurating a police station and a medical center soon, accelerating procedures for supplying the city with electricity, and creating a steel fence of length 25 kilometers along Wafra Road to reduce fatal traffic accidents.

State Minister for Housing Affairs Yasser Abul said the buildings of the medical center and the police station have been constructed and ready for operation, adding that the ministry is working on accelerating and construction of governmental houses. He affirmed that rent allowances will be disbursed and the deduction of housing loan installments will be postponed until electricity is supplied to the city within two months.

Minister of Electricity and Water Ahmad Al-Jassar assured to find solutions for curbing road accidents on Wafra Road no. 306 by erecting steel fence along the road. In addition, Minister of Health Dr Ali Al- Obeidi affirmed that the medical center will be inaugurated as soon as electricity supply is provided, while Minister of Oil Dr Ali Al- Omair indicated that necessary procedures will be launched for planting trees and plants to beautify the city. In the meantime, the Road Engineering Sector in the Ministry of Public Works is moving forward with the consultation agreements to prepare tender documents for the design, construction, maintenance and development of the Fourth Ring Road. Official sources disclosed the construction phase will start from the United Nations roundabout until the Airport Road (Road 55), indicating the rehabilitation and development works will start on June 15, 2017 while the estimated period of completion is three years.

Sources said the remaining part of the road will be developed in less than three years from the date of commencing the project. Sources added the Fourth Ring Road development work starts from the United Nations roundabout to Tunis Street. Sources revealed it will be divided into two phases, the first will be from the roundabout until Al- Rai and the second phase will be from Al- Rai to Salmiya Fire Station. Sources went on to say the project is included in the ministry’s development plan for 2002/2003, but the project had various lapses until recently despite being a vital road which serves most of the inner areas in the country.

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