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Road taxes, check on trucks mulled to face traffic chaos
October 19, 2015, 10:21 am

Board Chairman of the Public Authority for Regional Roads and Transportation Abdul Latif AI-Dakheel stated the board endeavors to find radical solution to the traffic issue in the country, and necessary measures will be implemented to fulfill the objective by imposing tariffs for the usage of some roads, reports Al-Jarida daily.

Al-Dakheel said stations will be instituted to determine the weight of trucks along the highways and the load on all trucks surpassing the specified limit will be emptied before the truckers are allowed passage.

He noted the sector in cooperation with Kuwait Municipality will monitor the movement of vehicles from the center of the city to the Sixth Ring Road to verify their route, and based on the outcome of monitoring, appropriate solutions will be implemented to reduce traffic.

Meanwhile, some ideas have been initiated to facilitate the implementation of other projects while the metro is in progress, Al-Dakheel added.

He noted the major part of the railway project will be completed in 2018. He also said KD 8 billion has been earmarked for the execution of metro project in different phases. It will be completed in 2035.

Source: Arab Times

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