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Royal City Clinic, Jleeb – A Caring Mission!
April 14, 2015, 10:39 am

Royal City Jleeb, is a part of the City Clinic Group and its third mission in Kuwait.  It was inaugurated on 13th December.  To celebrate the launch, the group decided to give back to the society and do something that would truly benefit an individual where it was a matter of health and their welfare.

The group went all out - invested time, effort and resources to offer FREE executive checkups, worth KD 59/- each, for the first 1000 people that registered responded to this offer.  This involved their complete Body Profiling, Cholesterol, X-rays (if needed), ECG followed up by a Doctor’s consultation and advice.

2000 people from all walks of life registered with us after hearing of the offer and nearly 1500 benefited from it. Every individual was given time, attention and care as they went through the tests and medical consultations. A large section of them had never been able to get such tests done before because of cost elements involved. Each person left the Clinic with better understanding of their health, early checks on upcoming problems, if any and advice on better lifestyle. 

At Royal City Clinic Jleeb, we have an excellent team of Doctors starting from GP, Internal Medicine, Pediatrician, Dental, Radiology/X-Ray, a full-fledged Pathology Lab and Pharmacy. The ENT and Gynaecology department start next.

Excellence in service and Integrity are important to the Group. It is imperative to our success as a healthcare provider, for us to conduct a business with the highest human, ethical and legal standards. Honesty, fairness, trustworthiness, and sincerity establish an excellent reputation in all of our activities!

City Clinic Group has two other branches in Mirqab (this was the first branch) and Fahaheel (apart from being a polyclinic, it specializes in Industrial Medicine).

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