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Rumors on dissolution of Parliament have no basis
October 26, 2014, 9:01 am

The Parliament will continue its term and there is no truth to rumors on its dissolution, say sources close to the Parliament. Sources pointed out results of the coordination meetings held last week by National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim showed the legislative authority will not be dissolved.

Sources said the speaker stressed the importance of spreading word to reassure the legislative and executive authorities in this regard. Sources explained the alleged amendment of the electoral system, a move being described as ‘reconciliatory’, is just a rumor being spread by well-known groups keen on pushing for their return to politics through early elections under the two votes system. Sources asserted such rumors are nothing more than a figment of the imagination of daydreamers.

Sources confirmed the coordination meetings assured the public on the political stability of the country; thereby, making it impossible to disrupt the status quo. Sources stressed the one-vote system is firm in its place and any rumor on its amendment is completely baseless. On the purported ‘reconciliation’ and leaked information regarding this issue, sources hinted the Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM) could be behind such rumors with the aim to instigate conflict between the two authorities and cause anxiety among members of the Parliament.

Sources added attempts to mount tension by spreading rumors are not new in the political records of ICM. Meanwhile, MP Yusuf Al-Zalzalah has affirmed that the current Parliament will continue until the end of its term and there is nothing like ‘reconciliation’ with members of the nullified legislature.

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