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STECI Kuwait Parish Passion Week Service
April 8, 2017, 9:36 am

This year's Passion Week Service of St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India Kuwait Parish will be lead by the Parish Vicar, Rev. Saji Abraham.  The week starts with the Palm Sunday Service on 9 Sunday at 7.30pm at Mangaf, Maundy Service on 11 at 7.30pm at NECK South Tent, Good Friday Service on 14 at 10.30 am  to 1.00 pm and Easter Service on Sunday, 16 at 4.00am to 6.00 am  (both at KTMCC Hall). 

During this week, like every year the members are requested to avoid one-time meal on a daily basis and use that amount to feed those who are in hunger and need. A special offertory will be collected during the Good Friday Service for this noble cause. 

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