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Salary scale in govt sector lacks fairness
May 14, 2017, 8:51 am

Standard salary has various benefits

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) asserted in its memorandum to the parliamentary Finance Committee about the alternative salary strategy (standard salary scale) that the new salary scale is attributed to an international company; and its aims included guaranteeing fairness, transparency and growth management in salary spending, and encouraging high-level performance.

The memorandum pointed out the current problem regarding the salary scale in the government sector is lack of fairness, considering employees with the same job title receive different salaries due to varying salary scale and allowances.

The commission said the current salary scale is unfair and lacks transparency; thereby, provoking feelings of injustice, demoralization and slackness in performance, and it sometimes leads to strike. The memorandum stated that salaries differ from one ministry to another.

For instance, a Kuwaiti accountant in the oil company receives KD 1,500 while his counterpart in the Foreign Affairs Ministry receives KD 1,020 and another in the Ministry of Oil receives KD 770.

It went on to say the solution is a standard salary scale for every profession in government bodies, affirming the improvement of standard salary scale in every profession comes with fairness and transparency; whereas there will be job title and specification of profession upon which the standard salary is based in accordance with the profession and employment grade so the employees with the same job title receive the same salary.

According to the memorandum, the standard salary scale has various benefits like transparency, availability of salary information, fair compensation system and reducing pressure on the CSC from certain entities, while ensuring there is no reduction of salary for any employee.

It proposed that the new salary system includes annual salary increment based on the cost of living and variations in the labor market; thus, salaries will increase annually by eight to 10 percent.

Source: Arab Times



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