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Salmiya residents request bus shelters in Al Mughira Bin Shu'ba St, Salmiya
April 26, 2016, 11:50 am

The sweltering summer ahead is sure to take a toll on the commuters waiting for the KPTC and City Bus services at the Al Mughira Bin Shu'ba St, Salmiya (near Apollo Clinic) bus stops.

Bus shelters evade these bus stops for the past many months forcing the people to stand under the open sky. Also, where a large number of passengers could often be seen, there is no shelter to protect them from the sun and rain even though the place is served by a number of circular buses besides the usual public transport services to Kuwait City, Fahaheel, UN Circle, Shuwaikh etc.

Report by:
A.B. Khaleel Ahmed Baaqavee,
General Secretary,
Kuwait Tamil Islamic Committee (K-Tic)


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