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Saradhi to collect Rs. 50 lakhs towards Kerala flood relief
August 25, 2018, 3:19 pm

Saradhi Kuwait, a well-known socio-cultural organization registered with the Indian embassy, abandoned its plans for Onam celebrations and instead, mobilized its efforts to collect Rs. 50 lakhs towards flood relief for the suffering people of Kerala under its charitable initiatives.

As a first step, an initial emergency fund of Rs.5 lakhs was handed over to the Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan by Saradhi Kuwait President K.V Sugunan in the CM Office at Secretariat, Trivandrum on 20 August in the presence of MLA Sri. Hareendran, Saradhi Treasurer Biju C.V, Saradhi Trust Secretary Sajeev Kumar, Saradhi Trust Vice Chairman Biju Gangadharan, Saradhi Trust Senior member D. Ravi and Social Activist Biju Parasala.

Sharing the suffering of the people in Kerala, the 2018 Onam celebrations of Saradhi Kuwait scheduled was unanimously called off during an emergency Executive meeting held on 17 August. All expenses budgeted for the program was used by Saradhi Kuwait to support the affected people of Kerala after flooding terribly affected the state. In addition, Saradhi members in Kuwait are willingly contributing towards this noble cause while those who are currently on vacation in Kerala are also fully engaged in relief activities. Through a combined effort, Saradhi Kuwait aims to distribute a total of Rs.50 lakhs towards relief & rehabilitation programs in the flood-affected areas.

This being the worst flood situation facing Kerala in the past 10 decades, Saradhi Kuwait has devoted itself to be in the forefront to help push Kerala into the path of recovery.


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