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Saudi plane mistakenly enters Kuwait airport''s taxi way underconstruction, no one hurts
January 29, 2014, 9:27 am
The stuck National Air Services (NAS) plane during the rescue attempt

A Saudi airplane has mistakenly entered a taxi way which under construction and got stuck in the sand Tuesday but no-one in the aircraft was hurt, Kuwait International Airport's Operations Director said.
Essam Al-Zamel, speaking to KUNA, said the taxi way has been closed for a long time because of maintenance works.

He said there were many warning signs around the taxi way and the visibility was clear when the National Air Services (NAS) entered the closed way.
None of the 103 passengers was hurt, he said. Passengers were taken to the airport.

Al-Zamel said NAS sent another airplane to take passengers traveling to Jeddah.

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