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School, mosque to be named after philanthropist
September 5, 2013, 5:24 pm

Saudi businessmen are launching two projects to be named after prominent Kuwaiti philanthropist Abdul Rahman Al Sumait in tribute to his work and efforts, mainly in Africa.

The projects will include an education complex in Thailand and a mosque in a country in the Balkans, social activist Ahmad Al Rimah told Kuwait News Agency (Kuna).

“The education complex in the Thai capital Bangkok, to be built by Al Muhaidab family, will feature a five-storey building that accommodates 600 students simultaneously,” Ahmad, in charge of a charity programme Al Muhaidab for Community Services, said. “The students will learn the Quran as well the Arabic language and religious studies. The teachers will be Thai nationals who graduated from the Islamic University in Madina and from other Islamic universities,” he said.

The complex will include a dormitory and shops that will be used to sustain the complex financially.

“The second project is a mosque that will be named after Abdul Rahman Al Sameet and will be erected in one of the countries that make up the Balkans,” Ahmad said. “It will be funded by Al Fawzan family in appreciation of the efforts exerted by the Kuwaiti philanthropist in Africa to help the local population,” he said.

Al Sameet died on August 15, aged 66. Kuwaitis and other Gulf and Arab nationals mourned him and paid rich homage to his generous acts and dedication.

Kuwait’s Amir Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad ordered that one of the largest mosques in the country and a major avenue be named after him in recognition of his work.


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