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Schools to appoint Kuwaiti women as guards
January 3, 2016, 8:04 am

Within the replacement policy in government agencies, the doors of Kuwaiti schools have been opened for Kuwaiti women who want to work as security guards, reports Arab Times, citing Al-Rai daily.

The Ministry of Education will employ 72 people at the schools in Mubarak Al- Kabeer, and 174 at schools in Ahmadi on a monthly salary of KD 260 over a period of three years for new contracts worth KD 4.5 million signed with companies.

Assistant Undersecretary for Financial Affairs in the Ministry of Education Yusuf Al-Najar revealed that the ministry intends to hire retired Kuwaiti male and female for the job beginning academic year 2016/2017. He has asked the Council of Ministers to create 400 designations for them as security guards, and they will be hired through the administration sector of the Ministry of Education and nominated through Civil Service Commission.

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