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Scores of citizens surrender huge quantity of guns, ammo
April 2, 2015, 8:41 am

Scores of citizens and officials have taken the initiative to hand over their weapons and ammunition on voluntary basis in solidarity with the campaign and keeping in mind the importance of the safety of the nation and security of the citizens, reported a local daily. This came following a national campaign to collect arms, ammunition and explosives, which was launched after the issuance of law by the National Assembly.

This also comes in response to the importance of the campaign, which seeks to preserve the safety and security of the citizens and residents and gains made by Kuwait. Sources stressed it is a positive sign that the society seeks protection from dangerous weapons because it will help reduce crime, violence and recklessness.

The Director of Public Relations and Moral Guidance Department, Director of Security Information Management, Acting Dean just Junkie said that there is coordination between the Ministry of Interior and various relevant agencies in the area of arms collection to translate into action the interests shown by the highest political leadership in the country which aims to ensure the success of the national plan — the collection of arms, ammunition and explosives and the attainment of full objectives.

Brigadier Hashash, said the security information management continues awareness campaign to educate and guide citizens and residents to keep the seriousness of unlicensed weapons for their own safety. He said that allowing the specific four-month period, which extends until the end of May next 38 centers have been set up for the collection of arms and ammunition at a number of police stations in all governorates of Kuwait which can also be done by calling the hotline 1888830 This will facilitate the voluntary surrender of weapons process under a certified model for delivery and receipt without any accountability or legal action.

The senior ministry official went on to say the arms collection squad during the first month of the campaign had collected thousands of pieces including machine-guns and pistols and various types of guns and 450 kilos of live ammunition, 47 hand grenades, 15 RPGs and 15 land mines.

He called on everyone to hand over their arms and ammunition at the designated centers at the police stations during the grace period as specified in the law and that will be treated confidentially and in full transparency. The National Assembly on January 27, 2015 had approved the law to collect weapons which reads “Any unauthorized person who possesses or makes weapons, ammunition or explosives will be imprisoned for a period not exceeding five years and a fine not exceeding KD 10,000 after the expiry of time limit prescribed by the law.

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