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Scurrying rats at popular Kuwait supermarket
November 1, 2016, 3:28 pm

A rat scuttling from its hole in search of food is not news on its own. But when the said rat is caught on camera casually wandering in one of Kuwait’s popular supermarkets, this was enough fodder for the video clip to go viral on social media.

The health and hygiene standards of an establishment selling food to the public were soon called into question, with people criticizing the lack of proper supervision by the municipality health authorities and the overall cleanliness standards at many food stores and eateries in the country.

The supermarket soon released a statement through a representative who stressed that the company maintained the highest hygiene standards and ensured proper pest control at its facility by hiring one of the best pest control companies in Kuwait. He added that the operations team of the supermarket along with a team from the pest control company had made a thorough search of the store and had found no issues.  


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