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Security measures tightened in Kuwait
July 8, 2015, 10:27 am

Kuwait's Interior Ministry has introduced a series of security measures to tighten security in the country following the terrorist attack carried by DAESH in the country, reports Al-Shahed daily. According to reliable security sources the State Security police have compiled a list of 117 terrorists from the Gulf and Arab countries.

The sources added, the list was compiled after cooperation with the intelligence services of the sisterly and friendly countries. The daily added, arrest warrants have also been issued against 3,470 people of various nationalities who are believed to be outside Kuwait.

The sources noted the State Security men raided some houses in Mubarak Al- Kabir, Jahra and Ahmadi which resulted in the arrest of 2 Kuwaitis believed to be members of DAESH and seized from one of them weapons and material which confirms his membership in the terrorist organization.

The Public Prosecution has decided to detain the 56-year-old mother of Abdulrahman Sabah Edan, the driver of the vehicle that transported the suicide bomber Fahad Suleiman Al-Qaba’a to Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque on Friday, June 26, for investigations even though it had released her just few days ago. According to sources, the woman was re-summoned on Monday after her son revealed during investigations that his mother followed his instructions and destroyed his mobile phones and computers in the house.

Public Prosecution accused her of hiding her son from security authorities and burying evidences of her son’s affiliation to DAESH which is considered as a State Security crime. In another development, security authorities have launched an investigation to determine the authenticity of a picture, which has been circulating on social networking websites, of a ‘Lexus’ car with a sticker of the DAESH flag at a petrol station in Jahra area. A security source affirmed that investigations are ongoing to determine if the picture is real or fabricated so that necessary legal procedures can be taken accordingly.

Source: Al-Shahed daily

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