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Security measures to arrest fugitives, criminals cover the whole country
August 5, 2017, 8:23 am

The Interior Ministry has announced that pre-emptive security measures, including deployment of police patrols and several checkpoints, have been taken to bring to justice fugitives and criminals who are wanted for justice in relations to criminal, civilian, etc cases. In a press statement, the ministry said the adopted security measures cover the state's six governorates and do not focus on a certain area.

It added that the ministry would forge ahead with shouldering its responsibilities and carrying out its duties in accordance to a comprehensive security plan to which all the ministry departments are contributing.

The ministry urged citizenry and residents to cooperate with security people and carry with their IDs and personal documents. It stressed that the measures aim to maintain the country's security and people's safety.

It called on all people to refrain from circulating inaccurate information, adding that it is ready to respond to any query.

Source: KUNA

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