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Security operatives nab 30 in less than 24 hours
October 23, 2016, 8:37 am

In less than 24 hours, security operatives managed to arrest 30 individuals wanted for financial and criminal offenses, including drug possession. The campaign was conducted under the command of Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs Major General Ibrahim Al- Tarrah.

A security source said officers from the Capital arrested three citizens for evading 10 years imprisonment, 4 years imprisonment and 6 months imprisonment sentences respectively, in addition to a Kuwaiti woman involved in KD 5,300 financial offense together with another citizen wanted for KD 60,000 debt. The security source added officers from Jahra apprehended a citizen in possession of a piece of hashish and another citizen with illicit drug known as ‘chemical’.

Meanwhile, Farwaniya securitymen nabbed a citizen born in 1970 for possessing a packet of heroin. He was also dodging five years imprisonment sentence for attempted murder.

The officers arrested a Bedoun man involved in KD 38,000 who had been sentenced in absentia to five years in prison, in addition to an Egyptian expatriate wanted for KD 2600 debt, and a citizen owing KD 1,400 with a Bedoun man also owing KD 1500.

Ahmadi securitymen apprehended a citizen involved in KD 300,000 financial offense. They also arrested a Kuwaiti woman wanted for KD 34,000 debt, and took into custody two citizens with an Egyptian woman caught in possession of 62 tablets of MoI photo Illicit drugs seized during police operation. brain stimulant ‘Lyrica’ along with drug tools. All suspects were referred to the relevant authorities.

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