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Security ops embark on thorough checking
July 5, 2015, 10:07 am

Security operatives have been embarking on a thorough security checking of worshippers before they enter the mosques in Jahra governorate to make sure the lives of other worshippers are not in danger of possible terrorist attacks, reports Al-Rai daily.

A source said uniform and plain-clothed security operatives positioned themselves at the premises of mosques and ensured that worshippers did not park their cars close to the fences of mosques to monitor suspicious movements, citing one of the largest mosques in the governorate—Aqla Al- Thufairi Mosque.

He said security operatives surrounded the mosque with yellow tape to guide worshippers through a single door, while some officers stayed inside the mosque to monitor the activities and to prevent entry of people who had their faces covered.

He stressed the sermon delivered by the Imam entreated everybody to shun extremism and terrorism to embrace national unity, peaceful coexistence and love for the country. He pointed out that strict security measures at the premises was a source of relief and security for the worshippers, as they exchanged pleasantries with officers after the prayer session. 

Source: Arab Times

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