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Security tightened at border posts, airport to avert terror
February 15, 2016, 9:03 am

In the midst of the Hala February Festival, the Interior Ministry has tightened measures at all border crossing and the airport to prevent terrorists and extremists from entering the country.

These elements – visitors from many countries in the world, including the GCC citizens Arab countries, may attempt to enter the country in the name of taking part in the National day’s celebrations to carry out their sabotage activities.

In view of this the Interior Ministry is said to have activated all security measures using the database of suspects from the State Security apparatus.

The sources said the ministry has compiled a huge database containing names of all suspects around the world and this will help to identify the suspects and arrest them.

The ministry plan focuses on activating the monitoring and inspection process to prevent explosives from entering the country, particularly weapons dismantled and smuggled into the country to prevent detection.

The sources pointed the ministry also keeps a tab on websites used by the terrorists to monitor encrypted messages sent to their followers.

Source: Arab Times

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