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Security to move against pro-Houthi sleeper cells
March 31, 2015, 8:42 am

In the aftermath of the ‘Operation Decisive Storm’ the security authorities of Kuwait say there are pockets of pro-Houthi sleeper cells in the country, reports a local daily, quoting sources. The sources noted the State Security police have accurate information about these cells and will act to eliminate them.

The sources explained the Directorate-General of the Coast Guard has stepped up coordination with Kuwait’s navy and the army to monitor ‘targets’ attempting to penetrate Kuwait’s territorial waters. Sources also said orders have been given to shoot on sight any hostile targets which do not comply with orders. The Ministry of Interior is also coordinating with the General Administration of Customs to inspect buses and luggage entering the country via the land, sea and air routes.

The sources added the ministry had received confidential information on some members of the Yemeni community in Kuwait who planned to organize demonstrations in support of the Houthis. However, these demonstrations were cancelled after a warning was issued by the Interior Ministry to deport any expatriate who is not abiding by the law.

The sources mentioned the Interior Ministry is monitoring a number of Kuwaiti warblers who are against the ‘Operation Decisive Storm’ and they will be summoned for interrogation and referred to the Public Prosecution after charging them with working for the interest of other countries. The sources added the Interior Ministry has erected about 150 checkpoints in all provinces of Kuwait to prevent any untoward incidents.

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