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Securitymen seize 830 barrels of liquor from eight Nepali nationals
September 25, 2016, 9:09 am

Officers from Capital Security Command arrested eight Nepali nationals for operating a liquor factory in their apartment in Nuzha area, and confiscated 600 bottles of ready-made liquor, 830 alcohol barrels and 13 distilling pumps from their possession.

Security sources said patrolmen on a round of the area spotted the suspects who seemed to be heavily intoxicated and with the stench of alcohol coming from their mouth.

The officers called for backup at once and took them into custody. Later on, the apartment in Nuzha area was raided and securitymen recovered the aforementioned items. Sources said the suspects were selling each bottle of liquor for KD 10 to 15.

Source: Arab Times

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