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Securitymen solve Asian man’s murder mystery within 12 hours
June 8, 2014, 8:18 am

In less than 12 hours, detective officers from the Capital Police Station arrested an Asian suspected of killing another Asian whose body was dumped at a pedestrian walking area opposite Suleibikhat Sports Club.According to security sources, the Operation Room received information on the discovery of the Asian’s body.

In compliance with the instructions of Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Affairs Major General Abdulhameed Al-Awadhi and Director General of Criminal Detectives Brigadier Mahmoud Al-Tabbakh, the officers rushed to the scene where they found the body.

The officers quickly started investigations by requesting information about the victim’s movement, resulting in the arrest of the suspect.

During intense interrogations, the suspect admitted to murdering the victim and gave all the details surrounding the incident. He told the officers that he operated a gambling hall for Asians and on that fateful day, the victim met him in Khaldiya where he asked the perpetrator to give him KD 1,000.

When the perpetrator refused, the victim slapped him, prompting the perpetrator to take a knife from one of his friends and stabbing the former several times.

The suspect disclosed he dumped the body near the power transformer in Khaldiya and went to work. He returned later and took the body where it was found. He added he covered the body with some leaves and threw the murder weapon into the drainage hole. He then guided the detectives to where he had disposed the murder weapon.

The officers referred the suspect and the murder weapon to the Public Prosecution for legal action.

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