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Senior MP urge concerted efforts for Arab security
June 18, 2014, 8:30 am

Concerted efforts should be exerted by Arab countries in order to maintain regional security and stability, a senior Kuwaiti and Arab member of parliament said here on Tuesday.

Speaking to KUNA on the sidelines of an Arab Parliament meeting held here, Mohammad Al-Jabri said changes experienced by Arab countries over the past three years brought tough impacts on Arab citizens.
He stressed the significant role of the Arab Parliament to address such changes through serious and constructive discussions.

Al-Jabri voiced hope that all Arab countries would enjoy security and stability, while calling on Arab governments to unify efforts in order to tackle the issues and problems they are facing.
On his part, Kuwaiti and Arab MP Khalil Abdullah said Arab leaders have a plan to create a human rights court at the Arab League.

Hailing the plan as a good step, he hoped that it would not be just a formal body with no concrete measures.

Abdullah wished that Arab countries would set aside all disputes and differences and devote themselves for integration and cooperation in order to serve the interest of the Arab people.

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