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Sheikha Latifa lauds Kuwait's care for women's affairs
January 31, 2015, 7:23 am

Chairperson of Women's Affairs Committee at the Cabinet Sheikha Latifa Fahad Al-Salem Al-Sabah underlined here on Friday the significance of showing Kuwait's achievements in the field of care for women.

On the occasion of the committee's participation in the 35th session of the Arab women affairs committee which will be held at the Cairo-based Arab League tomorrow, Sheikha Latifa pointed to the key roles by the Kuwaiti women in serving the society and supporting the political leadership to empower them in political and economic domains.

Sheikh Latifa underscored the importance of attending the 35th session as it will discuss several significant topics, including promoting gender equality, empowering women and strengthening cooperation among regional and international organizations specialized in women's affairs.

The meeting, she said, also will focus on how to protect women during the armed disputes and the status of women after the Arab Spring, referring to the importance of Kuwaiti participation at all regional and international events.

Following the 35th session, the Arab preparatory conference of the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women in UN will be held at the Arab League.

Sheikha Latifa said that the conference sponsored by UN and other international bodies is considered a fruit of an integrated action program made by all bodies interested in women's affairs all over the world.

The conference is set to issue a final document aimed at reaffirming the focus on the "Beijing principles" and promoting abidance by empowering women, she noted.

Sheikha Latifa headed a Kuwaiti delegation that participated in the 58th session in the United Nations in which she presented a report on the women's achievements in the Kuwaiti society in the domains of education and health.

She also spoke about rights that the Kuwaiti women gained over the last 20 years.

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