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Shuaiba port security and safety procedures are inadequate
July 26, 2015, 10:04 am

A number of officials from Shuaiba Port revealed that the security and safety procedures followed by the port administration are inadequate, indicating that the negligence and indifference rampant in the port makes it vulnerable to security and sabotage operations, reports Al- Qabas daily.

Despite the current security situation in the country and the general tightening of inspection and control, they stressed that Shuaiba Port, which receives ships from all over the world and sends commercial and oil cargos, lacks the basic types of control and presence of security elements, which is the responsibility of Kuwait Ports Authority. At the same time, the officials praised the measures followed at the entrance and exit of the port, which is supervised by Ministry of Interior.

They lamented that the commercial port has been transformed into scrap because of neglect, crumbling infrastructure, and lack of development and construction projects. The officials pointed out the presence of hazardous materials in drums next to the pier, making it vulnerable to sabotage operations as those materials are highly inflammable, adding that the sailors who come from other countries romp and have fun inside the port freely without any control.

Source: Arab Times

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