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Sides sort hiring of domestics from India
May 23, 2017, 8:33 am

The return of Indian domestic workers to work in the country can be expected soon after all the impediments that had halted the incoming flow of these workers were ironed out.

They revealed that several meetings were held between senior officials from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Domestic Labor Department under the directives of the Acting Director General of Department for Residency Affairs Major General Abdullah Al-Hajri.

The sources explained that the refusal of Indian authorities to supply Kuwait with domestic labor was based on a number of factors. They included filing of some malicious reports by sponsors about the rights of Indian domestic workers, suspended or delayed payment of salaries for domestic workers, absence of an entity for the domestic workers to reach out to in case of any problems, and the repatriation process of the bodies of Indian expatriates when they die.

The authorities had presented a condition that Kuwaiti citizens who seek the services of Indian domestic workers should deposit KD 700 as financial guarantee. The sources went on to explain that Ministry of Interior had notified Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which in turn informed the Indian Embassy in Kuwait, that the procedures in accordance with the new Domestic Labor Law No. 68/2015 guarantees all labor rights from entry to departure.

The new law also guarantees a shelter for workers in the event of problems between them and their sponsors. If the workers lodge complaints about non-payment of their salaries, the Domestic Labor Department will blacklist the sponsor and block his file such that he cannot file an absconding report against his workers without visiting the department.

Regarding the procedures for collection of any late payments, transfer of mortal remains, or ticket booking, the sources affirmed that these concerns have been addressed in the new law.

They said, “In case of arrears in salaries, the sponsors will be notified. If they do not pay the arrears, Ministry of Interior will do so after carrying out investigations and blacklisting the sponsor and placing a block on his file. This also applies to cases of repatriation of mortal remains and booking of tickets”.

Source: Arab Times

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