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Sinematika, Filipino short film competition receives first entry
October 31, 2015, 12:31 pm

Sinematika, The first Filipino short film competition in Kuwait received its first entry for review by the board of judges. The short film, ‘Line to heaven’, written and directed by Eric Fabro deals with a family finding difficulty in coping with loss of its member caused by tragic car accident.

The story evolved around a happy family whose lives were tragically changed by a terrible accident when their car figured in a head-on collision. All because the father was texting while driving. His wife died instantly leaving behind her badly injured husband who suffered from depression and a 6 year old daughter who became blind. Four years later, the daughter desperately phoned a call center agent begging to be connected to her mother whom she believed was in heaven. The film revolves around the theme that tempting fate could lead to painful consequences for the people who find it hard to cope with the tragic aftermath.

The story is written and directed by Eric Fabro, Assistant Director Deese Tubale, music credits Jorge Mendez ‘Cold’, Beyond Melody, Introvoys ‘Line to Heaven’ and film produced by CoupleCan with total running time of nine minutes and thirty eight seconds. Characters are Father – Christian Jan Sevilla Mother – Shela Mae Mana-ay, Tel. Operators – Cathey Sario Geladrino and Ador Darantinao, Small Daughter – Aleck Tubale, Blind Daughter – Cianna Mercado. Supporting characters are: Ador Darantinao, Arthur Pepito, Albert Balida, Cathey Sario Geladrino, Kloe Tubale, Fred Tubale, Deese Tubale, Jane Basmayor, Rafael Savion Basmayor,Henry Boyette Basmayor and Al Manlangit.

‘Sinematika,’ an independent group of Filipinos streamlines via social, print and visual media its initial project ‘1st Filipino Film Festival in Kuwait’, a competition intending to capture on camera social and personal events of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Kuwait aiming to disseminate information, create awareness, promote cultural and social traditions and enhance Filipino talents in amateur film making.

The event is divided into three stages; Submission of entries slated on November 10, 2015 where all film entries will be viewed and reviewed by a selected panel of judges and organizers. Qualified entries will be advised with suggestions based on the set of criteria. Gala Nights will be tentatively on the final week of November based on the number of qualified entries. Sinematika intends to award cash prizes and trophies to winners and a return ticket to the Philippines in addition to the grand prize. For More details log on to this account of Facebook : Sinematika, First Filipino Film Festival.

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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