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Situation worsens in health insurance crisis
January 30, 2017, 8:14 am

For the 10th consecutive day since the termination of the health insurance contract with Public Services Company, the crisis continues with the queue in insurance centers getting longer and the situation has turned from worse to worst, reports local daily.

The company is allegedly taking advantage of the situation to put pressure on the Ministry of Health to regret its decision to terminate the contract but informed health sector sources stressed that Minister of Health Dr. Jamal Al-Harbi will not regret his decision.

Sources presented some suggestions to address the problem such as temporary de-linking of health assurance from residency-related procedures until the problem is resolved, issuing stamps for the corresponding medical insurance fee and distribution of these stamps in designated areas.

On the legal aspect of the issue, sources pointed out the ministry has the right to sue the concerned company for committing violations. People who were in line at Al-Jabriya Health Insurance Center talked about their dilemma as they have been visiting the center in the morning and afternoon daily for one week now but their transactions have yet to be completed.

Others accused the employees of closing the doors during regular hours and opening doors after these hours. One of the visitors revealed his residency permit has expired and it has not been renewed although he is at the center every day. It has been reported that the worsening situation in the center resulted in wrangles between visitors and employees, up to the point of calling police to handle the situation.

Source: Arab Times

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