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Six for deportation, two Kuwaiti Police importers held
May 7, 2015, 12:21 pm

Six expatriates who were caught for driving without driving licence, have been referred to the deportation center, reports a local daily. One of the expatriates was caught driving a concrete mixer and he was arrested on the Amman Street, and the rest of the motorists were arrested during security campaigns in the Sabhan Industrial Area.

Police imposters held: Police have arrested two Kuwaitis for impersonating police and possessing and consuming drugs, reports Al-Anba daily. It has been reported when the suspects arrived at a police checkpost in Fintas, one of the officers saw inside the car a blue police flasher. The officer demanded to know the reason why the flasher was in the car and ordered them to climb out of the car. At this point the man behind the wheel stepped on the gas pedal in a vain attempt to escape but they were chased, forced to pull over and arrested. At the time of arrest both men were disoriented. They have been handed over to the concerned authorities.


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