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Six kids living all alone
May 5, 2015, 8:56 am

A Kuwaiti mother who is believed to be in her 30s is said to have turned her back on her feelings of motherhood and ‘abandoned’ her six children — the oldest of whom is 10 years old – for several days without providing them the basic necessities of life, reports a local daily.

This was narrated by the Executive Director of the Child Protection at the Ministry of Health Dr Mona Al- Khawari who said she was at the work mission in Cairo when somebody sent her a message about the children living alone in poor condition for several days in one of the apartments in Andalus, and the informant said he was afraid of going to the Police Station for fear of routine procedures.

Dr Mona said she immediately contacted the concerned official at the Children Protection at the Farwaniya Hospital and the security officer in charge of the Investigation Department of Juvenile Protection.

She added, after taking necessary legal procedures a police patrol opened the door of the apartment and found the children, including a disabled child, all of them in a pathetic situation. Dr Mona added the father left the house and disappeared 5 years ago because he is wanted by law for drugrelated crimes.

She also said the mother has been arrested and is believed to be a drug addict and has admitted to neglecting her children. The elder child, the 10-year-old girl fed her siblings by begging from neighbors after climbing out of the house through a window. The six children have been referred to the Jahra Hospital and kept under observation.

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