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Smart cities will solve housing care demands
February 8, 2016, 9:49 am

 Minister of State for Housing Affairs Yasser Aboul says he is looking forward to global experiments and examples pertaining to smart cities as a solution for facing the rise in demands for getting housing care. This came during a speech the minister delivered on behalf of His Highness the Premier Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah on Sunday at the conference of “the smart solution of future cities,” held on sidelines of the 19th Gulf Engineering Forum.

Smart cities contribute to creating economic resources and opportunities for youth, providing environment solutions and achieving sustainable development, he said. The Public Authority for Housing Welfare will follow up on fruits of researches in this regard, he said, indicating that participation of experts at the conference will help people be familiar with legislations and laws in line with the government policy in collaboration with the National Assembly.

He expressed government desire to know the latest developments pertaining to smart applications so as to use them in education, to develop youth and systems of protection and safety, and serve people with special needs. Meanwhile, Saad Al-Muhalbi, head of the conference’s supreme committee and Kuwait Society of Engineers, said about 70 research papers were accepted during the two-day conference which features up to 550 participants of experienced people. He added that the society organized the event out of its societal responsibility as economic, social and environmental factors are in favor of sustainable development.

The conference was held with the aim of finding alternative solutions to contribute to achieving sustainable development amid the region’s economic situation due to the decline in oil prices, the main source of GCC member states’ income, he said. He noted that the State of Kuwait is planning to set up major housing proj-ects like Sabah Al-Ahmad City, Nawaf Al-Ahmad City, about 270,000 housing units and others.

Also Khalil Al Hosni, Secretary General of the Gulf Engineering Union, said the convention sheds light on smart solutions of the future cities and challenges which will face the coming generation. The event includes main axes represented in smart projects in the areas of health, information technology, smart building, energy and smart applications.

Source: Arab Times

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