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Social aid reaches KD 260 million in 5 years
November 6, 2016, 8:21 am

Social assistance disbursed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and labor has increased from KD 119 million to KD 260 million in the past five years, the minister revealed Saturday.

Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and Minister of Stater for Planning and Development Hind Al-Sabeeh pointed out in a press statement that the Ministry expends per eligible person between KD 559 to more than KD 800 every month.

The number of beneficiaries from Kuwaiti females married to non-Kuwaitis reached 1,255 who get paid a total of KD 9.579 million annually, according to a statistic issued in October.

Al-Sabeeh refuted rumors suggesting that the ministry will stop giving out this financial aid. Kuwaiti females married to non-Kuwaitis will continue receiving social benefits as long as they are in compliance with regulations.

According to this statistic, there are 672 Kuwaiti females married to Saudis, 401 married to illegal residents, 46 married to Iraqis, 40 to Syrians, 26 to Iranians, 13 to Egyptians, 9 to Yemenis, 8 to Canadians, 7 to Jordanians, 4 to Omanis, 3 to Lebanese, 2 to Liberians, 2 to Qataris, Pakistanis, Afghani each. In addition to single cases, with a total of 28, whose husbands are from Eretria, UAE, Chad, Germany, Australia, Morocco, India and Denmark.

There are 94 female cases whose financial aid was stopped due to failure to meet requirements.

Source: KUNA

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