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Some MPs express objection to government plan to remove fuel subsidy
December 16, 2015, 9:57 am

Some lawmakers have expressed objection to the government plan to remove fuel subsidy by early next year, as they consider the decision a sign of government failure in resolving problems the citizens face, especially low income earners, reports Al-Anba daily.

MP Abdul-Rahman Al-Jeran wondered about the objective of government in working toward the removal of fuel subsidy. He asked whether government does not have any alternative plan or if it tried all options suggested in the studies conducted for that purpose and explored by the Council of Ministers, Amiri Diwan and other relevant authorities. He affirmed the decision will definitely affect the larger segment of society, especially lowincome earners.”

In his comment, Dr Ahmad Mute’e Al-Azemi expressed absolute objection to the removal of fuel subsidy. He urged the government to embark on exhaustive reviews to discover the rate at which the decision will bite on citizens who depend on the item. He affirmed the National Assembly will not accept a raise in prices of fuel and “it’s a must to recourse to the Parliament before its execution”.

He wondered why government is hell bent on implementing a decision against the welfare of citizens while leaking news to provoke them. He reiterated the decision taken without thorough studies will have untoward effects on citizens. He admonished the government to distribute a questionnaire to the populace concerning the increase in fuel prices, and after that government will rescind on the decision quickly.

Source: Arab Times

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