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Some areas of Kuwait plagued by fierce rats
May 25, 2015, 9:20 am

While the health ministry has assured that reports about the spread of Norwegian rats is not true, statistics show there are some infested areas in the country, where the spread of rats varies between 17 and 62 percent. Director of the insect and rodent fighting department at the health ministry Dr. Samiya Al-Tubaikh confirmed the spread of Norwegian rats, adding that the rate of their presence is up to 62 homes out of a hundred.

She said the Norwegian rat is one of the most dangerous and fierce rodents, and can eat children’s extremities as well as those of special needs people, and this may transfer diseases and epidemics to them, especially plague. She emphasized the importance of implementing “comprehensive environmental correction” to guarantee the reduction of rodents, adding the obstacles facing the project’s team include the large amounts of leftovers discarded, not removing garbage for a long time from homes and facilities, a decaying sewer system and stores inside homes and basements that are rented to companies within the private residence network.

Tubaikh warned against homes that are turned into bird and animal pens, as they become an attractive environment for insects and rodents, besides the many abandoned parks, which make good living areas for rodents. She confirmed that Kuwait is free from malaria, but some Asians were discovered with filaria, which is a rare disease that affects the lymphatic system, causes infection of the lymphatic vessels and causes swelling in the affected area, particularly the extremities.

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