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Some citizens express displeasure over consistent MoC faulty website
July 6, 2016, 9:35 am

At a time when 72 countries are demanding compensation from Kuwait over the loss of parcels sent via mail and failure to deliver on schedule, some Kuwaitis have expressed displeasure over the consistent faulty website of Ministry of Communications hindering follow up of parcels since Wednesday, especially as most parcels contain “Eid clothing”.

A source said the postal services department is not prepared for holiday seasons and the image of Kuwait should be protected against embarrassment from countries where the parcels are coming from. This is important, especially in Ramadan and other festivities when small scale entrepreneurs are very busy, he noted.

He observed that the ministry did not plan for provision of stamps for parcels or courier services in the headquarters, indicating employees are also grumbling about inadequate capacity to deal with the situation.

He disclosed that several outgoing and incoming parcels are either missing or not delivered on schedule to the extent that the Indian Postal Services has stopped dealing with Kuwait in sea mail and surface mail, while Hong Kong has been demanding $48,000 in compensation for lost parcels.

He reiterated that security breaches have been detected in the method of parcel delivery and failure to inspect the parcels with machines which is dangerous to employees.

He stressed that enemies of the country could capitalize on the lapse to send parcel bombs. He also mentioned that the Turkish Airlines has suspended mails from Kuwait on its flights, because the ministry does not abide by international standards in packaging and breaches safety conditions.


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