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Some experts warn against total dependence on Expat workers
April 23, 2015, 8:45 am

Some experts have warned against total dependence on expatriate workers, pointing out that the petroleum boom in previous years led to a remarkable increase in the number of foreign workers including the marginal or unskilled ones such that the ratio between the expatriate population and oil production is 1:1 — one expatriate for every barrel of oil, reports a local daily.

The experts went on to elaborate that if Kuwait produces 2.7 million barrels per day, the number of expatriates is also 2.7 million.

They asserted this is true not only in Kuwait but also in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is home to about 10 million foreigners. They added entire Gulf region produces 17 million barrels per day while the population of expatriates in the region is estimated at 17 million.

The experts pointed out that if the price of oil goes up, the expenditures, economic activities and number of workers will also increase; but if the oil price drops, the economic activities will decrease considering the economy relies only on one source of income. They asserted this equation spells disaster particularly since the remittances of foreign workers to their home countries are estimated at millions of dinars.

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