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Some firms charging KD 19,000 for obtaining Comorian citizenship
June 19, 2016, 9:00 am

Some companies have been charging people who are seeking Comorian citizenship KD 19,000 for facilitating procedures for them to obtain passports that are renewable every five years.

Sources warned people against becoming victims of such ‘professional scam companies’, insisting that countries sand governments do not deal with issues in such a way.

Source stressed that these companies are selling ‘the illusion’ for those who want to obtain citizenship, a accusing them of fraud and manipulation.

On contacting one of the companies which had published an advertisement on the internet, one of the officials affirmed that the company is the official agent of the government of the Comoros and that it charges KD 19,000 for facilitating the procedures to obtain the passport and the citizenship with the approval of the Interpol.

The official explained that those who are seeking the passport and the nationality of the Comoros should pay approximately that amount and visit the company headquarters in Dubai with the necessary documents. However, this amount will increase to KD 63,000 if the company sends a delegate to the individual for collecting the required paperwork and carrying out the follow-up procedures.

He revealed that the person who takes fingerprints and biometric image of the applicants is an employee under the government of Comoros.

The official added that a ‘No-objection’ letter will be sent to the government of the country where the applicant resides in order to stamp residency with validity ranging from four to six weeks on the new passport, pointing out that this period is for carrying out the necessary procedures which lead to obtaining the nationality of the Comoros.

He explained that the company he is working for is an official agency of the Comorian government. It has an office in Jeddah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai and is in the process of opening an office in Kuwait. The agency has issued passports to two stateless residents in Kuwait about three weeks ago.

Source: Arab Times

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