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Some maids, victim of rape, no salaries, tell their ordeal
January 12, 2015, 8:39 am

Some of the housemaids in Kuwait are living in poor conditions, their stories are pathetic and instead of earning a decent living they have been forced to live a life of a prisoner at the hands of their sponsors who exploit them either by not paying them their salaries on time or using them for flesh pleasure.

According Arab Times report, One housemaid said although her sponsor was very kind to her and treated her with utmost care, was always looking for an opportunity to abuse her sexually every time his wife was away by giving her money under the pretext of wanting to help her.

She said her sponsor was a loving and caring person and often offered her precious gifts on special occasions and requested her not to tell anyone, particularly his wife. She added he drove her to town on her days off and ended up in expressing his love for her, took her to an apartment, had forced sex with her and made her pregnant.

The maid went on to say the man then gave her money to go to her country and abort the fetus and when she refused, he took her to a neighboring Arab country, aborted the fetus and returned to Kuwait after one month. He then allowed her to transfer her residence permit to a work visa and now she works for a shop selling perfumes.

Another maid, who identified herself as Mufida, in recounting her sorry tale said she was working for a family where the father had divorced his wife because she always preferred to travel overseas and had many grown up boys.

She said the teenagers repeatedly tried to rape her and when she complained to the mother, she was shocked at the reaction of the mother who requested her to have sex with them and told her not to forget to use the condom. She added, she had no option but to run away from the house. A Filipino maid said she was recruited by a domestic labor office and the owner kept her to do office work during the day and as his mistress during the night.

She added she was helpless and desperate until one day she met a woman who wanted a housemaid and complained to her, but to her bad luck she was moved from the office to a brothel where the new sponsor offered her to men. She won her freedom when she threatened her sponsor to seek the help of the authorities, so she allowed her to transfer her residence permit to another sponsor. Another maid, who refused to give her name, said she worked for a family for six months but did not receive a single fils.

Each time she asked for her money, the sponsor kept saying we will transfer your salary to India at the end of the year. She added she always had to wash four cars early in the morning and was subjected to all sorts of humiliation and sometimes had to suffice with little or no food. She went on to say, she had no one to complain to and one day decided to escape from the house and seek the help of the Indian embassy.

She added, after she filed a complaint with the Indian Embassy she was paid salary for only three months and finally managed to find a good Kuwaiti sponsor who takes care of her needs and pays her regularly.

A Filipino man recounted a similar story. He said he worked as a cook in one of the houses, and after the first month he asked for his salary and received similar answer ‘At the end of the year’. However, he said he was shocked when he discovered his sponsor had reported him absconder just four months after beginning work at his house. He added, he abandoned the sponsor and his pay and is now working for a restaurant.

Some housemaids said they are sponsored by a man and they are sheltered in an apartment. What they do or where they go is not his problem but at the end of every two years each of them has to pay him KD 650.

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