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Some women visit spice shops to buy head lice for KD1.25 each in Jahra
March 6, 2016, 8:26 am

Some women have been visiting spice shops in Jahra to buy live head lice for KD 1.25 each because they believe lice makes the hair grow longer and thicker and they protect against strokes.

A seller, who requested anonymity, explained that the lice are not sold openly but upon demand for those who want them.

Revealing that some women come often to buy lice, he indicated that this matter is not new but has been prevalent for many years and that some stores sell lice because it is believed that lice treat hair loss problem sand make hair grown longer, quicker and thicker.

While Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education are fighting the problem of the spread of lice among school boys and girls, the bug has a price in the black markets due to lack of awareness and incorrect beliefs.

Dermatologist Dr Tamer Zaid stressed that lice are parasite insects that carry diseases.

Source: Arab Times

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