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Son sues father to have driver, domestic helper
February 10, 2014, 5:25 pm

Kuwait’s court of appeals has rejected a lawsuit filed by a Kuwaiti national against his father to ask for extra alimony benefits.

The son, a university student, claimed in the lawsuit that he needed more alimony funds from his father to deal with the increase in the cost of living. He also said that as a university student, he needed a car and a driver to take him to classes and a domestic helper to help with the house.

The new alimony should include beside the driver’s salary and the house rent, paying for the university courses and expenses, Kuwaiti news site Al Aan reported on Monday.

However, the father’s lawyer rejected the claims, arguing that his client was suffering from a permanent disability and that he had suffered three strokes.

He said that the father did not have a steady job and that he could not bear more financial burdens.

According to the lawyer, the father had already paid his former wife KD50,000 (Dh650,000).

The court should throw out the lawsuit as the father would be unable to pay extra money.

He said that such cases were “alien” to the Kuwaiti society and amounted to disobeying parents and undermining family values.

“How can a son sue his father to get more money from him? The father is living through difficult conditions, while the son is with his mother and she is responsible for all his movements,” the lawyer said.


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