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Souk Mubarakiya faces temporary closure during Ramadan
May 31, 2017, 9:34 am

Shop owners protest increase in rents upto 500 pct

Souk Mubarakiya is poised for closure during the last days of Ramadan, as another “Souk Mubarakiya Strike” is expected because the shop owners completely refuse the intention to increase the rents by 500 percent, reports local daily.

Observers say the company that has been entrusted with the management of Souk Mubarakiya enjoys a strong legal position alongside its financial position. This is reflected in the cases filed against the owners of the shops who expressed concern over such exaggerated increase in the rents reaching 500 percent in some cases.

A number of shop owners claimed that Ministry of Finance contained the fire of their previous strike so that the contracted company gets enough time to file cases against them by expulsion over not signing the new contracts.

The solution in their view is not the strike, but to draw the attention of the Parliament to a bill that eliminates the agreement between Ministry of Finance and the company, which had raised the rents at unprecedentedly high level under the pretext of developing the market.

Abu Yusuf Hamad Alarabid, one of the victims who directly described to the daily what had happened and what will happen in the last ten days of Ramadan. He said he along with other shop owners intend to close their shops in order to draw the attention of public opinion over the magnitude of what is happening and to express their suffering to the public.

Source: Arab Times

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