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South Mutla project: Solution to Kuwait's housing dilemma
July 26, 2016, 12:56 pm

The South Mutla City project is considered a key solution to the growing housing dilemma and high rent rates in Kuwait. The project, approved by the legislative and executive powers, aims at providing Kuwaitis with housing in a short period of time.

In several interviews with KUNA, most citizens view the project as a beacon of hope for their dreams in owning a house in the near future.

Accompanying the project is a network of new highways and roads which the citizens deem as a solution to the traffic congestion problem plaguing the country.

Professor of media at Kuwait University (KU) Dr. Mahmoud Al-Hashimi told KUNA that he hoped that the South Mutla City project will help not only in solving the housing problem, but also in lowering the high rent rates in Kuwait. The project will help in the expansion of residential areas into the vast desert, said Dr. Al-Hashimi.

The academic expressed hopes that previous mistakes in constructing older housing projects will be avoided in the South Mutla.

For the Kuwait University student Khaled Ahmad, the South Mutla project will be beneficial for the new generation in terms of decreasing the worries over where to live in the future.

The involvement of well-established international companies in the project says a lot about the authorities' keenness on the success of South Mutla, said the student.

The South Mutla project must provide topnotch services for the dwellers of the city, said Ahmad who expressed high hopes for the project's success.

Similarly, government employee Mishari Al-Fassam said that the geographical location of the project, which is slightly above sea level, was considered as a great incentive for those eager to live there.

According to him, those applying to live there are between the ages of 30 to 45, making the city the youngest age demographic-wise.

Other interviewed citizens hoped that the project would provide more incentive for future dwellers of the city, proposing that each house should be built at an area of roughly 600 to 800 square meters.

The South Mutla City project is expected to house a population of 400,000 citizens with some 30,000 housing units to be constructed. A number of 12 suburbs are expected to be built along with various public facilities such as schools, mosques, and so on. The project is 40 kilometers away from Kuwait city and is located northwest of Jarha city. 

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