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Speaker vows first to list assets
June 2, 2015, 9:35 am

National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al- Ghanim said he will be the first among the parliamentarians to submit his statement of assets and liabilities to the Public Authority for Combating Corruption (PACC). Speaking to the press after participating in the workshop organized by PACC on the need for public officials to be transparent about their finances, Al-Ghanim explained the workshop was aimed at encouraging the MPs to quickly submit their statements of assets and liabilities. He said he intends to be the first to submit the statement in order to serve as a role model to all State officials in complying with the law.

He disclosed a delegation from the World Bank was also present at the workshop as an observer, indicating this is part of their objectives in visiting Kuwait to personally see the country’s level of commitment in combating corruption. “We will walk the talk by submitting our statements of assets and liabilities.

The law will be applied on all officials in the ministries, other government agencies and the National Assembly as part of efforts to combat corruption,” he added. Commenting on the issue, MP Mohammed Al-Jabri pointed out the workshop clarified a number of issues concerning the requirement for officials to submit their statements of assets and liabilities. He stressed this is one way of promoting transparency, affirming the lawmakers will fully cooperate with the authority in fighting against corruption.

He said all civilized and advanced countries have authorities and agencies involved in the fight against corruption, asserting that the anti-corruption body in Kuwait has started working towards the realization of its objectives.

Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman MP Hamad Saif Al-Harshani disclosed the panel on Monday approved a number of agreements submitted by the government. He confirmed these agreements serve the interests of the entire nation. He also affirmed his support for the proposal to discuss the security situation in Kuwait that some of his colleagues intend to submit in Tuesday’s session.

He said he fully supports the measures being taken by the Interior Ministry to maintain national security and prosecute anyone who tries to tamper with the country’s security. He added he will talk about serious issues, such as the need to reveal the identities of those exploiting sectarian matters to serve personal interests considering the current situation in Kuwait and the whole region. He intends to elaborate on the fact that some countries are trying to destabilize the GCC and Arab nations. On the other hand, MP Ahmed Al- Mutei has asked Minister of Oil and State Minister for National Assembly Affairs Dr Ali Al-Omair to take concrete steps in view of the final report of the parliamentary committee investigating violations in the distribution of agricultural plots in the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR); otherwise, the Parliament will hold the minister responsible for these violations. He said Al-Omair should not delay procedures to refer all those behind the violations to the Public Prosecution.

He revealed the committee’s report is clear and transparent as it unveiled irregularities such as the encroachment on State-owned land under the supervision of a top official in the PAAAFR. He urged the minister to take into consideration the recommendations of the committee; hence, the need to take legal procedures against those proven to be involved in anomalous acts. On another issue, Al-Mutei criticized the newly-appointed board members in the oil sector; claiming they lack the qualifications and experiences to occupy such positions.

He asked the minister to allow the current board members to finish their term instead of referring them for compulsory retirement. Furthermore, MP Khalil Abdullah has presented queries to Minister of Health Ali Al-Obaidi on the appointment of Bedouns in his ministry. This came after he obtained information from various media outlets and social media that the Health Ministry decided to terminate Bedoun employees under the ‘pay as you work’ system according to Circular Number 57/2015 issued May 17, 2015. He demanded for a list of employees — including Kuwaitis, Bedouns and expatriates — under the ‘pay as you work’ system, their job titles, monthly pay and educational qualifications. He also wants to know reasons for terminating the services of these employees and other pertinent information.

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