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Speed up nod to e-crimes law
May 7, 2015, 8:55 am

Several human rights, political and economic activists have called upon the National Assembly to speed up the approval of e-crimes law because these types crimes have seen a considerable increase in recent years due to the absence of deterrent legislation.

They said libel and defamation has become common these days on the social media because the sanctions contained in the Penal Code are not enough to deter them from committing such crimes which are new and difficult to verify. Attorney Mona Al-Busairi has called on the lawmakers to pass e-crimes law because a user in social media can deliberately defame and damage the reputation of people without mentioning their names.

However we can identify what they mean and no legal action can be taken because the Penal Code cannot be applied if there are no concrete evidences. Economist Amir Al-Mansour said electronic crimes negatively affect small investors in the stock market who fall prey to tweets and forums to buy certain shares upon false privileges.

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