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Speeding tickets cut by half
August 17, 2013, 9:38 am

The number of tickets issued for speeding dropped by nearly a half from the average rate during July and the first half of this month. According to sources familiar with Traffic General Department statistics, only 12,000 tickets were issued during that period while the monthly average reaches between 25,000 and 30,000. Speaking to Al-Rai on the condition of anonymity, the sources attributed the drop to strict procedures adopted in the past few months which include counting speeding violations in the ‘points’ system under which drivers’ licenses are suspended after reaching a certain number of points, in addition to suspending procedures at the Traffic General Department until fines are paid, as well as stiffer measures that include canceling a Kuwaiti driver’s license while deporting expatriates when both commit serious violations.

In the meantime, the sources indicated that the Traffic General Department studies issuing travel bans against drivers with speeding tickets, adding that news regarding this procedures are already making drivers ‘more cautious’ on the road. The Traffic General Department collected nearly KD39 million in fines as of Thursday since extensive traffic campaigns started earlier this year. Meanwhile, Al-Rai also reported that the Traffic General Department launched operations to pursue owners of nearly 300,000 registered vehicles with expired registrations
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