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Sponsor nod must for transfer’ - New system for Labour disputes
May 31, 2014, 8:44 am

The Labor Disputes Arbitration Sector of Labor Relations Department has formed a new mechanism for dealing with complaints and disputes, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources from the Public Authority for Manpower.

They explained that the new mechanism will involve printing three copies of complaints related to labor affairs, which will be referred to either the central administration or the specific section, adding that the date of the committee meeting to deliberate on the case will be printed on it.

They went on to explain that one of the copies will be given to the complainant while the other will be sent to the commissioner assigned to the case who will sign and specify the receiving date on the copy.

Meanwhile, the Labor Disputes Committee of the Labor Relations Department affirmed that the department does not allow transfer of residency from one sponsor to another without the current employer’s approval if the employee worked under the employer for less than three years.

Sources explained that if an employee requests for transfer of residency from one employer to another without the approval of the current employer after three years of employment, the committee will look into the matter by deliberating on the contract signed by the two parties.

In case of breach of contract from the employer’s side, the employer will be obliged to abide by the terms of the contract after which the residency will be transferred regardless of obtaining the employer’s permission.

However, if the committee discovers that the employer has not breached any term of the contract signed between the two parties, it will reject the complaint of the employee and will allow transfer of residency only with the approval of the employer.

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